Round 8 de la Ligue des Champions Barcelone et Manchester United Statistiques avant le match Les 5 derniers matches de Barcelone disputés à domicile en Ligue des champions en ont remporté 4 et 1 match nul a marqué 16 buts et 3 buts. Manchester United a disputé les 5 derniers matchs de la Ligue des champions avec 3 victoires, 1 match nul et 1 défaite. A marqué 9 buts et 4 buts.  Les 9 derniers matchs entre les deux équipes dans tous les tournois ont remporté 5 victoires à Barcelone et 3 victoires à Manchester United et 1 match nul à Barcelone a marqué 9 buts et Manchester United 7.  Le match aller entre les deux équipes s'est soldé par une victoire 1-0 sur Manchester United. Buteur de Barcelone: Messi 8, Demielli 3, Coutinho 2, Pique 2 et Alba 1. Buteur Manchester United:  Lokaku 2, Pogpa 2, Rachford 2, Villaini 1 et Marcel 1.  Barcelone a joué dans le tournoi cette saison 9 matchs contre 6 et égalité 3 avec 20 buts et 6 buts  Manchester United a joué dans le tournoi cette saison 9 matchs sur 4, 1 à égalité et 4 vaincus ont marqué 10 buts et 8 buts. Round 8 de la Ligue des Champions Juventus ✘ Ajax Statistiques avant le match .. Juventus 5 derniers matchs à domicile dans la ligue ont gagné 3 et battu 2 ont marqué 8 buts et 5 buts.  L'Ajax a disputé les 5 derniers matchs de la ligue avec une victoire de 2 et une égalité à 3 a marqué 8 buts et 3 buts.  Les 5 derniers matches entre les deux équipes de tous les tournois ont remporté les nuls 3 et 2 de la Juventus, lesquels ont marqué 5 buts et l’Ajax 2. Le match aller entre les deux équipes s'est soldé par un match nul 1-1.  Buteurs de la Juventus: Ronaldo 5, Debala 5, Pianic 2 et Manjokic 1. Meilleurs buteurs Ajax: Tadic 9, Modric 4, Zyash 4, Tagliavico 3 et David Neris 3.  La Juventus a joué un rôle dans le tournoi cette saison. 9 matchs contre 5 et 1 ex-aequo contre 3 ont marqué 13 buts et 7 buts. L'Ajax a joué au championnat cette saison 15 matchs sur 8, 8 à égalité et 1 défaites, ont marqué 30 buts et 13 buts.

the benefits of garlic

If there was no smell, it would have been more expensive than gold

  the ancient pharaohs claimed garlic: "If there was no smell, it would have been more expensive than gold", that many people avoid eating it for the same reason.

Indeed, it is necessary to introduce garlic into the heart of a healthy diet because of its amazing benefits.
Do you want to lose weight?

Eat 6 meals a day! In recent years, dietitians have advocated the need to adopt a new morning habit of eating garlic daily for reasons of hair loss during cancer treatment. 

Why do doctors and nutritionists recommend eating garlic pills daily?

The European Commission warns against nasal spray. because, according to a recent medical study, eating garlic daily in the morning on an empty stomach provides the body with incredible strength. For several reasons, 
the most important in the following: 

      * Garlic is a very powerful natural antibiotic.
 * Reduces high blood pressure.
* Regulates the blood circulation.
* Prevent heart problems.
* Promotes liver and bladder activity.
* The liver gets rid of toxins.

It also helps to clean the body of worms and parasites.
Treats the stomach with diarrhea, disinfects and strengthens its lining and prevents stomach ulcers.
Prevents diabetes. They are considered natural cleaners for all parties


18 commentaires:

  1. I love garlic and use it a lot for cooking. I have heard the garlic pills are awesome supplement for promoting good health. Specially on the management of toxins as you mention. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love garlic! the taste is amazing! i put garlic in my most my meals coz it really makes food better!

  3. I do love garlic! I try to put it in nearly everything I cook. It's just amazing and has so many benefits.

  4. Wow I need to add more garlic into my diet. These pills sound interesting!


  5. Garlic is so good ad so good for you! Not only do I love to cook with it because I just love the flavor, the health benefits of garlic are just amazing.

  6. This is really interesting I had no idea that garlic pills could help so much! Perhaps I need to add some into my diet.

  7. I love garlic on pizza. Now I have a perfect reason to enjoy garlic more.

  8. I struggle with garlic. I want to like it but for me the taste is so strong it always throws me off!

  9. I like garlic, in moderation. I've had others over use in dishes and it's awful when over used.

  10. Now where is all our garlic in here... I'll tell our helper to include it in every meal lol

  11. I use garlic all the time in fact it's one of my favorite flavorings. Great post.

  12. I didn't know that garlic has too much benefits! It's good that I always have garlic in my food: the smell and the taste is so delicious!

  13. Yes I also read somewhere that Garlic is also helpful to lower down your cholesterol. We do love adding garlic to our favorite dish like pasta.

  14. I love garlic a lot. I use it in everything I cook and it is my secret weapon whenever I feel ill. You just need to eat one peg of fresh garlic when going to bed and you will awake next morning feeling 100 percent better.

  15. Garlic is an everyday need for my and my family. Same with olive oil, a shot a day!

  16. I heard a lot of good benefits of eating garlic. Me personally love it except of course my husband doesn't like the smell.

  17. I absolutely love garlic. There are very few dishes I cook without using it.

  18. I used to cook with it quite a bit. I honestly haven't bought it in awhile though.


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