Round 8 de la Ligue des Champions Barcelone et Manchester United Statistiques avant le match Les 5 derniers matches de Barcelone disputés à domicile en Ligue des champions en ont remporté 4 et 1 match nul a marqué 16 buts et 3 buts. Manchester United a disputé les 5 derniers matchs de la Ligue des champions avec 3 victoires, 1 match nul et 1 défaite. A marqué 9 buts et 4 buts.  Les 9 derniers matchs entre les deux équipes dans tous les tournois ont remporté 5 victoires à Barcelone et 3 victoires à Manchester United et 1 match nul à Barcelone a marqué 9 buts et Manchester United 7.  Le match aller entre les deux équipes s'est soldé par une victoire 1-0 sur Manchester United. Buteur de Barcelone: Messi 8, Demielli 3, Coutinho 2, Pique 2 et Alba 1. Buteur Manchester United:  Lokaku 2, Pogpa 2, Rachford 2, Villaini 1 et Marcel 1.  Barcelone a joué dans le tournoi cette saison 9 matchs contre 6 et égalité 3 avec 20 buts et 6 buts  Manchester United a joué dans le tournoi cette saison 9 matchs sur 4, 1 à égalité et 4 vaincus ont marqué 10 buts et 8 buts. Round 8 de la Ligue des Champions Juventus ✘ Ajax Statistiques avant le match .. Juventus 5 derniers matchs à domicile dans la ligue ont gagné 3 et battu 2 ont marqué 8 buts et 5 buts.  L'Ajax a disputé les 5 derniers matchs de la ligue avec une victoire de 2 et une égalité à 3 a marqué 8 buts et 3 buts.  Les 5 derniers matches entre les deux équipes de tous les tournois ont remporté les nuls 3 et 2 de la Juventus, lesquels ont marqué 5 buts et l’Ajax 2. Le match aller entre les deux équipes s'est soldé par un match nul 1-1.  Buteurs de la Juventus: Ronaldo 5, Debala 5, Pianic 2 et Manjokic 1. Meilleurs buteurs Ajax: Tadic 9, Modric 4, Zyash 4, Tagliavico 3 et David Neris 3.  La Juventus a joué un rôle dans le tournoi cette saison. 9 matchs contre 5 et 1 ex-aequo contre 3 ont marqué 13 buts et 7 buts. L'Ajax a joué au championnat cette saison 15 matchs sur 8, 8 à égalité et 1 défaites, ont marqué 30 buts et 13 buts.

energy is the continuity of life

energy is the continuity of life

what is energy?

Energy is a much less physical and palpable quality that matter has no mass and occupies no volume; it can only be measured through its effect on matter. As the ability to provide effort or to put material on the move more work is considerable and ample more energy expenditure is important taking the case of the weightlifter who uses more energy when it raises 100 kg that when he raises 40 kg has the training or the moment he takes his medal in the hands

There are two main forms of energy: potential energy and kinetic energy

* kinetic or dynamic energy represents all that is movement and displacements starting with the small particles of matter that are the atoms until moving heavy objects, this displacement transfers energy to other objects that they can set themselves in motion by exerting a force on one side or the totality of the object is what happens on the pool table, the energy moves from the white ball to other balls for put in motion and have them move to the holes of the table
* the potential energy (EP) named by the theoretical capacity, it is a form of passive stored energy which by freeing it is transformed into kinetic energy allowing to realize a work. Being installed on a seat, the EP is almost none but will be on stand-by to turn into kinetic energy and give strength to the muscles of the leg to contract and the person to stand up. Or the case of water stagnated in a dam, at the opening valves, the water can turn the turbines and provide other forms of energy.
The study of matter and energy are inseparable, matter is substances and energy is any kind of force to produce a gestural effect on its substances
Therefore, the living being is a constitution of matter that needs energy to grow and work, so the liberation of potential energy that is transformed into kinetic energy can be the exact definition of the word "LIFE"
There are several forms of energy
* Chemical energy
*mechanical energy
*electric energy
* Electromagnetic energy
----------- chemical energy is characterized by the chemical reaction of the different substance that has succeeded in rearranging the atoms in a different way. This rearrangement is the potential energy that is transmitted into kinetic energy Capturing the example of food consumed in the human body are the sources of energy but which can not act directly on the muscles to lead to a movement it is thanks to the energy stored in the form of chemical bonds in a substance called ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
this chemical composition also occurs inside the cells in the metochandrites, later these links will be broken and it is the potential energy that is released.

-------- the electrical energy is the consequence of the movement of the charged particles known by the electrons to produce electricity and it is the ions for the body which through the cell membrane provide the electricity received by the nervous system which transmits the message to the different parts of the body thanks to the nervous impulses
indeed the passage of an electric current through the heart allows it to contract and pump blood is why an electric shock can save life as it can be fatal

--------------mechanical energy is the act of providing energy to execute one or more movements of matter

-------------electromagnetic or radiation energy given its propagation in the form of waves or rays having variable lengths constituting the electromagnetic spectrum
electromagnetic energy can include light with these visible waves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, radio waves, X-ray .....
Light waves trigger a reaction with the retina and allowing vision
ultraviolet is a ray beyond the violet and invisible to the human eye can cause irritation of the skin but it stimulates the cells of the body for the production of vitamin D
X-ray is of unique importance for the needs of medical diagnostics


energy in all these forms can be converted into other sources of power, which can be much more intense than the primary form, such as the case of chemical energy, which is converted into mechanical energy to give motion to the motor of a car, but also the energy can be converted into two or more other kinds like solar energy that transforms itself into electric and thermal energy at the same time it is the case of a light bulb, the solar energy is trasforme in electrical energy that turns into light energy and touching the bulb also feels heat it's thermal energy. in the same way all that the human body undergoes as a recipient of energy supplied in part of the heat which explains the internal body temperature which makes us living beings with warm blood

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  1. Very true. After all, the soul is nothing but our remaining energy what remains when the body is no longer there.

  2. Wow this was interesting. I knew somewhat about energy but not in this much detail. The electromagnetic was so interesting Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like this!! I feel like a learned a lot from this post about energy! I am intrigued !

  4. Great post! This is really interesting. I had a general knowledge of energy but this is deep lol I learned a lot from this. Keep up the good work!


  5. i didn't even realize how little i know about energy. great post!

  6. Enjoy my reading & learnt some new knowledge from your sharing:D Thanks for this informative sharing :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. Great post and very interesting to read. I really learned a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Liked it. That is why Solar energy is so important to cure so many body diseases.

  9. Whew. I happy to read that what I'm teaching kids is still correct. Hahaha

  10. This is a very informative post about energy

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. So much to recall about energy that exists in our eco-system. As a human being, I'll say that there is also mental and spiritual energy, that I consider the highest forms of energy.

  12. Whoa! You have touched very deep knowledge about energy. Thanks for all the explanation.

  13. If more people knew about the different types of energy perhaps they would be more open minded to how we could use renewables to power the planet.

  14. This is amazing, you provided so many good points and I have learned something new about energy, I knew the easy stuff like what it is, what it provides and whatnot, this all others I will gladly add to my knowledge.

  15. Don't really have much idea about the technicality of electricity and all I know that we should conserve and use green and renewable energy so we can save the planet. - Grace

  16. Very informative post about energy! Energy is quite interesting. I have a few friends who work on healing by woking with energy and that is something Im interested in learning more about. Thank you for sharing. - Kesi

  17. Deep reading here! I have always been fascinated with the Physics of life and this is so mind-boggling!

  18. I agree that the whole universe is basically dependent on energy balance

  19. I had almost forgotten about kinetic and potential energy concepts in detailed. This ia good reminder of all the explanations about energies.

  20. Thanks for sharing the information on energy. When I was a student then our teacher explained on this topic and now you gave a lot of information. We all depends on energy and surrounded by it.
    Elizabeth O

  21. Alexandra Cook18 mars 2019 à 19:22

    The science behind thermodynamics is so interesting! I am glad people are dedicated enough to really go out there and figure this stuff out!

  22. There really is a lot of energy around us and we must use everything wisely.

  23. Great post, I remember studying potential, kinetic, electromagnetic energies. Remembered the teacher teaching in it class.

  24. Very interesting a good reminder during my physics days in grade school.

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  26. It's only been 2 years since I left school but I had already completely forgotten all of this.

  27. I feel like I am back in my student days. lol. Thanks for refreshing our minds with this information on energy. Very informative.

  28. Like wow! Indeed, energy is continuity of life and your post has just reminded me of my high school years. Yas! Thanks for sharing.


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